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We're a small crew, known in some circles as Scented and Rockin'. We've been together almost 10 years and partnered in business since 2004. In May we will enter our sixth year as The Scented Flame LLC, but the production staff has been making candles for almost 15 years, soaps for about five and other items are continuously and strenuously tested before they go to market. The only animals we test on are ourselves and a diverse age group of friends. If we all like it, we extend the product to a national test group before it hits our shelves.

Scented fits the definition of her birth sign and she's often happiest when she gets to dabble in color and fragrances. She's too old now to get an F in art class and prefers to color outside the lines. It's that freedom to skirt around the norm that is behind the unique look and design of our candles and the colorful array of swirls in our soaps. By request, we will make solid-color forms of our products. We like the idea of looking at a lit candle as an exquisitely scented centerpiece rather than just something that smells good.

Rockin' has numerous years of sales behind him and if you've been to craft shows and festivals and been in our booth, then you've met him. Through his persistence and eagerness, this business was established. His love of travel is why our region for sales is so broad. If you ask the production side of this business, we think he could sell air to anybody and it has been obvious that the women love him.

Originality and freedom of expression through colorful mediums are how we define ourselves. We didn't grow up like the Joneses, so you won't find us trying to be like them. Because we're so attracted to original and different, each of our products has a uniqueness about them. It's hard to reproduce inspiration, so finding a cluster of items that are similar means either, "Eureka, we did it," or they came from a parenting batch. Some looks we do match until inspiration sends us on a journey somewhere else. Everything is hand-poured. The only machine process we do is in human form when we're trying frantically to get restocked for shows. For these reasons, and to keep from being the Joneses, we cannot promise dead-on replication. | 1423 Tallgrass Circle | Eudora, KS 66025
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