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Get your Stimulus today!

Finally! Something that will benefit you and your friends in several ways.
Now you can pamper your body, spirit and pocketbook with savings
and pay it forward so those close to you may reap the rewards as well.

FAQ -- how the plan works and what you stand to gain!

How does it work?

1) Simply make a $15 purchase online or at our booth any time during 2009 and you will
    receive your unique 2009 Stimulus Card. Purchases are defined as product only. Sales tax
    and shipping does not apply.
2) Use this card, which will be assigned a unique code for online purchases, and save 10% on all
    of your purchases for the remainder of 2009. The offer is valid for all purchases (excluding
    sales tax and shipping where applicable) including special web sales and offers in our booth.
3) Bring a friend to our booth at any show and if he or she buys $15 in product (before sales tax)
    you will receive 20% off of your purchase that day. The 20% off only applies for that show.
    When your friend makes a $15 purchase (before sales tax), he or she will receive our
    Stimulus Card and may start reaping the benefits on future purchases.
    NOTE: For online buyers only, make 10 separate purchases and receive 20% off on your next
    purchase (or the 11th time you order.) For every 10 purchases online you will receive a
    stimulus code for your next order.
4) Bring seven friends who spend $15 each before sales tax (all in one day or spread throughout
    the year) and earn 40% off your purchase. This is valid for shows only and your  
    discount is good for a one-time purchase. Each of your friends will receive a Stimulus Card to
    get started on their own Stimulus package. You will receive a new card to continue to
    receive your Stimulus benefits.
    NOTE: For online customers only, if seven of your friends spend $15 each (before sales tax
    and shipping) you may earn 40% off of a purchase. To qualify, your friends will need to refer
    you on their first order as a notation to us when making a Paypal payment in the comments
    section. Each of those friends will receive their own Stimulus Card after placing an order.
    Referrals may not be shuffled around. Once a person is named it cannot be retracted.
5) Each time you use your Stimulus Card your name will be entered into our end-of-the-year
    drawing for a $25 customer appreciation gift basket. Obviously, the more you use your card
    the more opportunities you have to win. The drawing date will be determined later this year.

NOTE: Discounts apply to items in stock items only! Yes, we will try to keep items stocked well! Remember, you have all year to get at least a 10% discount. We will strive to keep our items stocked to the hilt, but we do require that our soaps cure a minimum of four weeks though we do prefer to hold them for six weeks.
Near the end of 2009, we will discontinue making soap for the year. Our last soaping date will be announced when we get close to that time frame (generally the first week in November.)

Do I have to spend $15 each time to receive the discount?

No. Spend what you want! You qualify for the 2009 Stimulus Card after you make
the initial purchase of $15 in products from The Scented Flame LLC. Any purchases
that follow will automatically qualify for a 10% discount as long as you 1) show your card
at our booth at the time of purchase; or 2) enter your special Stimulus code into the cart
at the time of your online purchase.

What if I lose my card?

Don't, LOL! Each of our cards has a different code that can be used. Simply notify us
that your card has been lost and we will replace it with a new one. We will be keeping a list of
participants, so if you are not in our system, you will not receive a Stimulus Card.
While this card will not affect your credit status, consider it to be as valuable as a credit card.

May I combine benefits?

No, but there is a loop hole. Most companies wouldn't tell you about loopholes, but we will. You
may use your card at our booth and online. However, you can take advantage of both benefits.
Introduce us to seven of your friends at a show where we are or send seven friends to us online.
If you do both, and as long as your friends ordering online refer to you in their Paypal payment
in the comment section, you will earn a credit. Just remember that it must be seven friends
either in person at a show or seven friends who place an online order and include your name
in the comment section to receive the benefit. While this method will earn you two 40% off discounts, only one may be used at a time.


Yes, we have some. All discounts are applicable to 2009 sales only. Discounts do not carryover
nor can they be saved for another time, with the exception of the 40% off. However, the 40% off
discount is only good during 2009 and must be used before midnight Dec. 31, 2009.

No more than one discount may be used at one time. For instance, if you have introduced us to
seven of your friends at our shows and sent seven of your friends to buy from our online store,
only one 40% discount may be used at a time. The same applies if you have brought 14 friends
to a show throughout the year or at one time, or held a candle & soap party and had as many as
seven or more friends attend, only one 40% discount may apply at one time.

Only one card per person may be used. Now that doesn't mean that others in your household
cannot have a card. They can, but each customer is allowed only one card at a time. When you
have met your friend qualifications, we need the card back. We will issue another card so that
you can continue to receive the benefits. You will not have to make another $15 purchase to get
a new card, but we will not issue you another card without having the first one. If you do not
return the card after reaching the friend qualifications then your Stimulus Card is only good for
10% off purchases.

The Stimulus '09 Card is only good for purchases through The Scented Flame LLC and not with
any other company. Reproduction or misuse of the card will result forfeiture of being able to
participate in further Stimulus Packages and could result in penalties under the law starting with
forgery and theft. Any misuse or fraudulent use of the card will forfeit all of your rights for 2009
benefits as well. We're offering this program to our customers because we appreciate their
business and we understand the economic pressures and stresses. This is our way of helping
our customers continue to reap the benefits of using our handmade products at affordable and reasonable prices.

We do reserve the right to make clarifications as questions or issues arise. We didn't run
for Congress, so we do not want this program to become as complicated as lawmakers may
make it and let's not let that happen. We realize this is a first-of-its-kind program -- definitely for us. With that in mind, the success of this Stimulus '09 package will determine future packages!

From us to you, here's to a prosperous 2009!  

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